Monday, December 20, 2004

A humble beginning

It´s not all about me. It´s my blog, and my creation, and my voice, but even I get tired of hearing about me all the time.

If it´s about me, the big news is that I am at the beginning of a couple weeks off work, and I enjoying it very much. I managed to get through the stack of newspapers that had been piling up since before the prior holiday. There are some very old magazines left to get through, but thereś always tomorrow.

If it´s about my computer, Xandros is working very well, although imperfectly, and a new (well, newly picked from the dupes pile) keyboard seems to be in order.

If it´s about the car, I hope that a new starter will solve the non-starting problem.

If it´s about babies, they´re everywhere. This year has seen new arrivals in the families of my brother, my nephew, my friend, and my favorite missionary. What´s going on here? They´re too geographically dispersed for it to be something in the water. Although if everybody drinks water, and babies are being born everywhere, then the only logical conclusion is that . . .

If it´s about God (and it all is, or at least it all can be), we´re coming up on His Son´s birthday in a few days. All I have for a present is myself. I´m higher quality than I was a year ago, and the packaging is puffier. The contents are more pure. The gift is freely and completely offered, an upgrade over last year´s present.

It´s kind of funny - as I reflect on my life and say ¨It took me forty-five years to learn that??¨, I can see myself in twenty years saying much the same thing. Perfection is a process, not a goal. I will have achieved it once I stop breathing for the final time. Until then, there´s not a circle on a road map where I can say ¨Yep - I made it!¨ There are definitely rest areas along the way (I´m in one now), and most definitely directions, and endless metaphors.

It´s a trip.

Oh, the blog name? It´s almost thirty years old, inspired by Jerry Pournelle´s Chaos Manor. And a double pun.


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